25% Off all web hosting plans, our response to Coronavirus Disease.

We see that people use our website hosting service to keep in contact with their clients.  Due to the Coronavirus Disease, we are not charging as much money as we usually do for Web Hosting Products from now until May 2020.  You can get a 25% Discount for new web hosting orders by using promo code CV2020 at checkout.             DO THE ... Read More »

27th Mar 2020
Help prevent Coronavirus Disease

We ask you to read about this on our Parent Organization's blog which can be found below.


21st Mar 2020
15% Off for January

Get 15% off any web hosting package by using promo code JANUARYNEWYEAR at checkout.

12th Jan 2020
OS Changed

Our OS for our Website Hosting Server was changed from CentOS Linux 7 to the latest Ubuntu Release.  With Ubuntu, we will have better security, reliability, and speed.  No issues should occur because of the OS Change.

26th Dec 2019
SQL Server Upgrade

We have moved our SQL Server from a Intel Core i3 Server to a Intel Core i7 Core Server.

All databases should be working without any issues.

26th Dec 2019
Scheduled Maintenance

Scheduled Maintenance on Kavorti was recently completed.  The firewall was causing issues which involved disabling server ports because of a false-positive Denial of Service attack.

This issue should not happen again.


28th Nov 2019
Server Migration

Server Migration is currently in progress.  We are switching from a server located in New York, to Canada.

EDIT: Server Migration has been completed.  All services should now be fully functional. 

Maintenance Duration: 2 Hours

29th Oct 2019
Kavorti now only accepts Paypal for a payment method

Due to security issues and methods for getting stuff without paying, we now only accept payments through Paypal.  When ordering a package, you will be asked to pay with Paypal.  You can pay with a card through paypal, or with your paypal cash balance.

26th Oct 2019
We have New Products!

We have added new products such as SSL Certificates, Website Security, etc!

You can view all of our products by clicking here.

We hope you enjoy our new products!

26th Oct 2019
Welcome to Kavorti

Welcome to Kavorti!

Kavorti is now officially re-opened, and now owned by Swivro.com

We provide fast, safe, and secure web hosting solutions.

25th Oct 2019