The larger your website becomes, the more difficult e–mail account administration becomes. And this is when you are able take advantage of Kavorti’s all–embracing E Mail Account Manager. It arrives with all the features you’ll need so that you can get in charge of your mail accounts, and it’s provided with a straightforward user interface. With only a couple of clicks you are able to set up email forwarding, generate an e–mail auto–reply, set anti–spam security, and much more. Just scroll down to view what Kavorti’s E Mail Account Manager can provide you!

Anti–Spam Protection

Spam will be driven out of your e–mail accounts

We’ve launched a custom–made anti–spam solution that utilizes properly configured formulas to filter the inbound messages. Determined by what sort of spam messages you receive, you can control the degree of defense. However, be mindful when using the high level of protection, since it is likely to filter important messages. You may as well designate a special degree of spam protection for each and every mailbox you have got.

All of the junk messages can be either deleted or forwarded to a given mailbox. You can easily decide which setup you want through the anti–spam protection tool’s interface.

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Email Forwarding

Direct emails with merely a click of the mouse

Email forwarding is among the most used instruments within the E Mail Account Manager and so, we have tried our very best to make it as elementary as possible. All you have to achieve is opt for the email that you’d like to use and specify the mailbox in which you wish the inbound messages to be sent to.

Additionally, you can select whenever the forwarded mailbox also needs to keep e–mails, or, if, perhaps they should be wiped right after they are forwarded.

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Email Filters

Arrange your mailboxes without difficulty

If you get a large amount of e–mail messages each day, it is important to keep them sorted. For this reason our company offers server–side email filters which come into action even before you look at the mailbox for newly–arrived e–mail messages. Consequently, should you make your custom–made spam filters, you won’t discover spam in your mailbox!

Setting up up–to–date e–mail filters is very uncomplicated. You will have to designate precisely what the filter has to look for, the place that the filter looks for it (subject, body, etc.) and what transpires with the filtered emails.

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